At STANK STICK, we strive to make the best product to assist anglers in landing more fish.  We make all of our fishing scents using real bait fish.  Our product is UV enhanced with added amino acids to help fish see and smell the scent trail.  We will help you catch more fish!  STANK STICK was started because the owner did not like the products he was trying for one reason or another.  After years of trying other products, he began making his own. 

One day, a good friend said: “Let me buy some of your stank.”  That was the moment when STANK STICK and STANK SAUCE was born.  Everything we make is tested by the owner and by a few selected fishing guides along the Texas coast.  When it gets a thumbs up from all testers, then we make it available to the public.  STANK STICK is a .5 oz chapstick-style scent that you apply right to any lure with no mess.  It can be used on anything from soft plastics, jig heads, crank baits, to top waters.  STANK SAUCE is a 2 oz bottle that is used mainly to marinate in your bag of soft plastics.  You can always add a few drops to any lure at any time!  Some of our customers even apply STANK SAUCE to their popping cork’s which adds an oil slick on the water.